System Requirements

To bake a cake you need flour, eggs, butter etc. To install Clipper you need:

  • PHP, version 5 or above, excluding 5.1.6 and 5.2.0
  • A database. Currently, only MySQL, version 5 or above, excluding 5.0.51.
  • A web server: Apache 1.3.x or Apache 2.2.x; IIS 6.0+; Zeus; lighthttpd; Cherokee
  • A supported operating system: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP or later, Windows Server

Things to check before you proceed:

  • Database details: is one created for you? If so, you will need the login details (server, login ID, password, name of database). If you are allowed to create your own, you only need your database server details, and the installer can set the database up.
  • File transfer access: you will need to upload the files using FTP or your hosting control panel, so have your login details to hand.
  • Compressing/unpacking: you can install much more quickly and reliably if you can unpack a zip file on the server (e.g. using a command in the cPanel File Manager), rather than unzipping on your local machine and uploading file by file.

Types of install

The Clipper installer offers three options for installing:

  • New Installation
  • Upgrade Install, to update an existing installation. to a new version or repair an existing installation. Can also be used to convert a MODX Evolution site to Clipper.
  • Advanced Upgrade, with more control over the database aspect, useful for merging an existing Clipper database into the current version of the system.