Overviews: what it is, what things are called, how it works

ClipperCMS started out as a fork of MODX Evolution. You can read more about that here. In brief, the people that have been working on Clipper wanted to keep Evolution's small footprint, fast operation  and transparency of development, and improve and develop the core code to keep up with developments in PHP and the challenges of current trends in website construction.

There is a massive overlap with Evolution and if you have used MODX in the past you should have no difficulty in finding your way around. Most well-written snippets written for Evolution, at least up to version 1.0.6, should work in Clipper with little adaptation.

Many of the improvements so far are behind the scenes. For instance, conversion of all core database calls to use the API, and the opportunity to switch away from the outdated PHP mysql database library to mysqli by changing one line of the configuration file. jQuery is used throughout the Manager as the Javascript library. A good deal of obsolete code has been eliminated, as have some obscure features in the manager.

Content in the Overviews so far consists of the Clipper CMS Glossary. The section will be expanded with more "how it works" articles, including an overview of the API and the parsing process.