Using Clipper features to build sites

This section gets down to the nuts and bolts of building websites with ClipperCMS. In it you will find detailed practical information about using the system's various elements to build a robust but flexible structure using shared code and dynamic elements in a clear and easy-to-use way.

With Clipper, you can start as you mean to finish - with an HTML page. Using this as the basis of a template, you can substitute Clipper tags for the static HTML code to include dynamic elements and centralize the handling of shared code such as footers. As your structure grows, you can easily rearrange the pages and have navigation menus rewrite themselves.

  • Tags: inserting shared code, PHP script output and local links
  • Templates: the core structure around which pages are built
  • Template Variables: data elements available via templates, with individual values for each page
  • Snippets: dynamic content using PHP scripting
  • Chunks: shared HTML code segments
  • Cross-references (new Clipper feature): resource and template variables from other resources
  • Output Modifiers (new Clipper feature): built-in string modifiers for tags