For Developers

If you liked working with MODx Evolution you will like working with ClipperCMS. We intend building on the lightweight, fast and reliable API and framework you are used to. Backwards compatability is a priority. We intend that existing sites and code will run on ClipperCMS as well as they did before.

If you are new to ClipperCMS but like the idea of a lightweight framework with an easy learning curve for high productivity then you will also like ClipperCMS. We intend moving forward and introducing new features, not just maintaining the old. Reliability and testing are important to us and we value feedback from users.

The biggest changes so far have been 'under the hood', to ensure that the core code is viable for PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5. Clipper 1.1 partially supports PHP 5.4 and Clipper 1.2 fully supports it. Clipper 1.2 also introduces the option of using mysqli for the Database API - this will be the default in future versions as PHP 5.5 deprecates the old PHP mysql extension.

There are also many improvements that will be more obvious to developers during site construction - we now have more flexible placeholder tags allowing easier use of fields from other documents, as well as output modifiers. It is possible to more clearly define site structure by setting rules for which templates can be assigned to documents according to their position in the document tree.

We have improved help pages and summaries of the template tag syntax are included in the manager, as is the API documentation.

For a fuller summary of Clipper 1.2 see

A package manager has been developed and is now available from the latest stable release of ClipperCMS.

Bug fixes and security enhancements are the top priority. After all, we are doing this because we like the existing codebase and want to look after it. We ask that security issues are communicated to us privately to